"As an athlete, I need to be consistently challenged and pushed beyond my limits. Amy successfully does that in every session."


"Amy Amato is RELENTLESS!! Her cycling classes are undoubtedly the BEST!"-ET

"Amy is a ROCKSTAR!! True educator and game changer to the fitness profession. Her passion and enthusiasm will inspire you to be the best you can be." -KG

“Amy Amato's group training advice and fitness classes have been absolutely invaluable for me. Amy never ceases to work my butt off, but in a way that keeps me coming back for more! Her positive attitude coupled with her "YES YOU CAN" results-driven technique makes her my top fitness guru ever!”-GA

 “With a smile on her face, Amy didn’t allow me to stop after 5 squat thrusts. She reminded me I could do 5 more, I was strong enough. She didn’t care how long it took. I finished them and every session they got easier, I got stronger.” -ML

“Before taking Amy’s classes, exercising was some sort of chore. Amy’s classes-although truly ass-kicking-are somehow simultaneously fun, incredibly challenging and an activity I look forward to. Amy has single-handedly changed my outlook on exercise.”-MM

"Amy is incredibly motivating, and definitely the best trainer I've ever worked with. I have personally seen a transformation in my body and myself since I've started working with her. Best Trainer Ever!!"-AH

"Amy's a true sportsman!  She cleverly motivates and pushes you to the limit with her inspirational phrases.  I highly recommend Amy to anyone who's looking to be challenged as well as have a good time reaching their fitness goals."-MWC

"I definitely recommend Amy's class...she's the BEST!!!"-RB

"As a scientist, I appreciate Amy's approach to fitness, which is evidence-based and works. It's clear she does her homework to figure out the best 'bang for your buck' during a workout and for a busy person like me, that is worth every drop of sweat."-SB